The Project for Upcoming Artists for the Large Stage, known as P.U.L.S., the four-year trajectory for new theatre makers that kicked off in 2017, is now operating at full speed: Hannah De Meyer, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Timeau De Keyser and Bosse Provoost are investigating and making work for the large stage in various phases. You can find their new and previous work at Toneelhuis under the heading ‘P.U.L.S.’

These four theatre makers have stood out in recent years with exceptional work that has been shown in past editions of the Love at first Sight festival or during the current Toneelhuis season. All of them have explicitly stated that they want to create and direct productions for the large stage. Over the course of four years, they are doing a number of small-scale projects and at least one big production for the Bourla stage. In between times, they are apprenticing under four internationally renowned theatre makers: Jan Lauwers, Alain Platel, Ivo van Hove and Guy Cassiers, the initiator of P.U.L.S.