On 1 July 2017, a new Toneelhuis initiative started up: P.U.L.S., which stands for Project for Upcoming Artists for the Large Stage.
P.U.L.S. is a four-year undertaking that allows talented young theatre makers to develop toward making large stage productions at their own pace, with five internationally renowned theatre makers as their allies and conversation partners: Jan Fabre, Jan Lauwers, Alain Platel, Ivo van Hove and initiator Guy Cassiers.

Four theatre makers who have recently earned their degrees are setting to work in the P.U.L.S. project: Hannah De Meyer, Lisaboa Houbrechts, Timeau De Keyser and Bosse Provoost. In the last few years, all of them have stood out for exceptional theatre work; all of them have explicitly expressed a wish to create and direct productions for the large stage. Throughout the coming years they will be creating a number of small-scale projects and at least one project for the Bourla stage. In between these projects they will be spending time as assistant directors or dramaturges on the work floor with Cassiers, Fabre, Lauwers, van Hove or Platel. The artistic dialogue that arises there is a vital part of this undertaking.
All of these projects, small and large, and the processes leading up to them, can be followed on this website.

The P.U.L.S. theatre makers will mainly be working in a place of their own, at 36 De Vrièrestraat . The idea of giving them a separate place makes the relation between P.U.L.S. and Toneelhuis/Bourla Theater clear. A place of their own, their own artistic, mental space, symbolises independence of the P.U.L.S. theatre makers. As such, the dynamics arising from there can also be a source of inspiration for the large umbrella structure within which P.U.L.S. is set up.