18 Oct 2019 - Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris P.U.L.S.

Reactions to Het Huwelijk
At the Théâtre de la Bastille, Timeau de Keyser and the Tibaldus collective present their own distillation of Witold Gombrowicz’s play in a production that introduces sound and humour in a wonderfully radical way.
Amélie Blaustein Niddam, Tout La culture

The stage shimmers with a wonderful collective energy that is typical of the company and lends everything an unfailing dynamism, without any dead moments. Everything reinforces Henri’s dream, everything is untrue and, as the paradox of dreams will have it, everything is simultaneously true. Frankly, the perfect definition of theatre. 
Denis Sanglard, Un Fauteuil pour l’Orchestre

A raw, cerebral and firmly independent standpoint that will leave more than one person unsatisfied, but which demonstrates the company’s scenic daring, textual insight, easy-flowing manner and acting precision. Worthy successors to their predecessors. 
Vincent Bouquet, sceneweb

Reaction to new skin:
This destabilizing, often dark performance is based on a combination of physical disruptions and an anti-dramatic substratum. At first it seems strict and self-focused, but gradually it draws you in and even becomes intensely moving in the final moments, thanks to a magnetic presence and a virtuoso performance. 
Vincent Bouquet, sceneweb

Reaction to Matisklo:
Sometimes you come across enigmatic and strict creations that resolutely show courage, without concessions, at the risk of being incomprehensible. Matisklo is a strange and fascinating experience. You have to let yourself be carried away by this performance, surrender to the pure and contradictory feelings it evokes, from exasperation to willing submission. 
Denis Sanglard, Un Fauteuil pour L’Orchestre

Reaction to the P.U.L.S. week:
‘The theatre of despair.’ 
Jean-Marie Hordé, Director of Théâtre de la Bastille

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