22 Sep 2021 - Bourla, Antwerp Bosse Provoost

"How can people relate to the world in a more balanced way? Provoost and Veldhuis have made a visually stimulating, intriguing production about this, which at the same time struggles with the limitations of what we can (and cannot) imagine." – Esther Tuypens in Etcetera, 21 September 2021

"Indoor Weather is a macabre poetical warning presented in the guise of a fascinating spectacle. " – Jan Dertaelen in De Morgen ***, 22 September 2021

"A theatre as a world with its own capacity to act." – Pieter T'Jonck in Pzazz, 19 September 2021

"Bosse Provoost and Ezra Veldhuis fiddle around with a language of the theatre that is almost visual art. Indoor Weather, which premiered during Love at first Sight – a festival that puts young makers in the spotlights – is an intriguing example of this." – Els Van Steenberghe in Knack, 18 September 2021

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