21 Jan 2020 - V36, Antwerp Hannah De Meyer

With this text, presented as a lecture performance in two parts, we wanted to touch upon (artistic) practices that nourish our ability to ‘stay with the trouble’ in times of a global climate crisis. What situated modes of imagination, attention, and sensory perception can we cultivate to reconfigure our relationship with the earth and the nonhuman life it holds? Inspired and moved by contemporary thinkers that personally encourage us to attentively keep thinking and imagining with one another, both human and nonhuman, we searched for possible answers to this question. Therefore, this text can also be considered as an attempt at echoing and articulating the thought of these contemporary thinkers: Donna Haraway, Isabelle Stengers, Ursula Le Guin and Anna Tsing. Although the following text includes references to their work, it should be noted that their thought is interweaved in this text as a whole. As this text was written to be pronounced in a performative context, we chose to keep the original type page, rhythm and cues.

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