Project for Upcoming artists for the Large Stage.
Four young directors ask, investigate and play the grand hall.
Follow their projects, their work process and their dialogue.

Bosse Provoost

Bosse Provoost (b. 1993) earned his Master of Drama at the School of Arts Ghent|KASK Ghent in 2016 where he worked closely together with theatre makers Kobe Chielens (b. 1993), Geert Belpaeme (b. 1984) and Lieselotte De Keyzer (b. 1987). In 2015, Bosse Provoost directed two productions that could not have been more different: the intimate, even claustrophobic Moore Bacon!, inspired by the work of Henri Moore, Francis Bacon and Walerian Borowczyk, and Herberg, a broad, breath-taking spectacle that takes place beneath a bridge on route E17. What they both have in common, though, is an extravagant imagination prickled by the simplest of things. The more recent production The Act of Dying was created with Kobe, Geert and Lieselotte in the spring of 2017 and involved Henryk Gorecki's Third Symphony, a dancing wooden frame and movement referring to inherently violent animation film. In season 2018-2019 Bosse Provoost created a new piece, Matisklo.



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Bosse Provoost