Project for Upcoming artists for the Large Stage.
Four young directors ask, investigate and play the grand hall.
Follow their projects, their work process and their dialogue.

Hannah De Meyer

Hannah De Meyer (b. 1988) graduated in 2015 from the Theatrical Performance Department of the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts with the exhibitionist work Solace, for which she won the TAZ prize for young playwrights in 2015 in Belgium and the Artes award for young playwrights in the Netherlands. After that she made Vast glowing empty page, and later, together with Jesse Vandamme, ÜBERDRAMATIK, an ‘exciting exploration of the universality of lack’. Hannah De Meyer is a writer and director who seeks extremes in her work, whether tranquil and meditative or shocking. In 2017 she created Levitations and for Love at First Sight III, Hannah De Meyer made a production called new skin, inspired by her admiration for a young generation of antiracist writers, economists and climate activists.

Read here the interview with Hannah De Meyer.

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Hannah De Meyer