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Hannah De Meyer

Hannah De Meyer (b. 1988) graduated in 2015 in Performance from the Maastricht Academy of Performing Arts with the exhibitionist piece Solace. With it, she won an award for young playwrights, the TAZ-Jong Theaterschrijfprijs, in Belgium and the Artes Jongtheaterschrijfprijs, a comparable award in the Netherlands. After that she made Vast glowing empty page and in 2016, together with Jesse Vandamme, ÜBERDRAMATIK: “an exciting exploration of the universality of loss”. In these shows, Hannah sought the extremes, from the tranquil and meditative to the shocking.

Levitations (2017), a solo which she wrote and performed, heralded a new phase in her work – a first, hallucinogenic step in her search for a fundamentally different way of dealing with things. The intriguing movement idiom with which De Meyer emphasized her words was remarkable. “A sensual, meandering journey along the peaks and vales of De Meryers’ rich imagination,” said Steven Heene in TAZette. With the impressive new skin (2018), again a personally penned solo, this search took on a decidedly social character. Here, Hannah De Meyer’s explicit starting point is her admiration for a young generation of antiracist authors, economists and climate activists. She not only feels a connection with their anger and indignation, but also the gentle determination with which they make their alternative stories of success and prosperity and what a thriving society could be like. This solo brought her a selection for the Theaterfestival 2019. "new skin is a strong example of theatre: a single woman who presents an alternative story – in the form of a fantasy tale – in a totally believable manner, and on top of that makes you realize that all life and all things on this planet are intensely connected, even without a God. Film could never manage to do that.” – Jury Report

In September 2019, she is curating an entire day at Love at first Sight #4 in which she gives the floor to like-minded artists. The theme is Baubo, a mythological figure that is associated with regeneration, magic and female sexuality and has turned up in the form of bone figurines, cave paintings and stories since prehistoric times. hi baubo, the script for Hannah’s new production, will be based on that – premiering in February 2020. Together with several performers, she is staging a show in which language and movement, just as in her solo work, are interwoven in a unique manner.

In the meantime, Hannah has trained under Ivo Van Hove (Kleine zielen) and Alain Platel.

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Hannah De Meyer